Our day-to-day safety commitments
Health and safety are central to Aquaenergia's concerns. As such, it wanted to take practical actions with the aim of combating and eliminating all risks likely to:
  • cause accidents and occupational diseases,
  • harm third parties,
  • cause property damage.

  • All preventive actions are based on assessment of potential risks for the health and safety of all workers present on site.

    Protective and safety actions are based on supplying all workers with PPE and on-site inspection visits.

    Finally, Aquaenergia undertakes to meet the requirements of European Directive 92/57/EEC of 24 June 1992.
    Aquaenergia guarantees all its public and private clients high-quality work, meeting agreed deadlines. To do so, its teams are regularly trained to:

  • be proficient in the latest cutting-edge techniques in terms of works,

  • acquire new working methods enabling them to be more effective and productive,

  • adopt new safety standards on sites,

  • prepare sites in advance in order to choose solutions enabling reduction of problems, particularly for locals.

  • Environment
    Aquaenergia is environmentally-conscious and takes practical actions to reduce the impact of its sites on the environment.

    Waste generated at operating headquarters and non-hazardous site waste is collected, then sorted at the company's operating headquarters:

  • metal

  • PVC and PE

  • residual waste

  • paper and card

  • PMC

  • plastic films

  • site waste:
    - asbestos
    - inert waste
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