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The site manager, under the supervision of the headquarters manager, coordinates, schedules and advises different sites, which are prepared and run by the works foreman.
The works foreman prepares and runs, under the supervision of the site manager and with help from the foremen and supervisors, the site(s) for which they are responsible.
Preparation consists of collecting plans of existing pipes.
Running consists of giving instructions to foreman and working foremen checking their proper running.
The works foreman also oversees administrative monitoring of their sites as well as relations with the Client.



They are responsible for the daily overall organisation of all or part of a site. Always present in the field, they check and coordinate the work of the teams, update the work progress schedule and manage procurement.
They also oversee the implementation of directives, standards and regulations, particularly regarding safety. Directly assisting the Works Foreman, they sometimes replace them for certain tasks.
They organise their work around 3 major activities:
  • they prepare the site according to constraints and obstacles and divide up the work. They monitor the progress of theworks and verify quality
  • they assist with acceptance of works at the end of the site andoversee restoration of surroundings,
  • they work in the field, under the supervision of thework foreman and the foreman.
  • Pipelayer

    Machine operator

    A pipelayer is a pipe-laying professional.
    They install:
  • all pipelines enabling conveyance anddistribution of drinking water as well aswastewater systems. They work at the source, from catchment and la distribution of drinking water to disposal ofwastewater via WTPs, and its return into thenatural environment (rivers, lakes, etc.),
  • all pipelines enabling conveyance anddistribution of all kinds of utilities (gas,district heating, etc.)
  • They also service existing facilities by applying innovative techniques.
    They work outside and know how to operate machines such as mini excavators.
    They are one of the key workers on the site. They operate a wide range of machines such as hydraulic shovels, graders, loaders, cranes, excavators, and compactors, used for terracing or levelling.
    They are perfectly acquainted with the machines they operate. They are proficient and know how to get the best out of them in accordance with safety rules. They participate in servicing their equipment.


    A driver drives a vehicle in order to transport and deliver materials required for the running of the site.
    They must :
  • continuously comply with safety rules,
  • adopt behaviour combining efficiency and energy-saving,
  • observe the state of signs on theircompany's sites that they see and inform their superiors ofissues.

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